Storage Broker™ combines all of your existing disparate enterprise storage systems into a single Software Defined Storage service that reduces both operational and capital expenditure whilst improving customer service and use of cloud and advanced storage technologies.

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Today, there are too many people involved in the management of storage and storage is wasted in silos.


Every storage system has a proprietary configuration user interface that requires specific skills and experience. Changes in storage take far too long because there are multiple disciplines and departments involved. Too many people and departments increases the potential for errors and there is a heavy dependency on specific individuals, specialized and tacit knowledge.

There are too many storage silos because storage has been bought for specific projects and lines of business. The introduction of cloud storage introduces yet another silo. This all leads to increased operational costs and wasted capital expenditure.

Tomorrow, with Storage Broker all of the storage infrastructure can be managed through a single portal that is designed to be used by end users, junior administrators and senior administrators with increasing power and capabilities governed through role based access control.

Deploying Storage Broker results in better customer service through transparency and timeliness, reduced operational cost through improved operational efficiency, reduced capital costs through improved utilization and the ability to leverage cloud storage and advanced storage technologies appropriately as defined by policy



Reducing Costs

Everyone is under pressure to reduce costs or at the very least be more productive for the same cost. Storage Broker improves the effectiveness and efficiency of your team thereby reducing  the operational costs associated with storage management. In addition, Storage Broker can make more effective use of your available storage resources providing opportunities for reducing capital expenditure.

Release administrators

by empowering end users and making more powerful standard storage changes available to administrators in simple repeatable templates thus freeing up their time to tackle more challenging problems and deal with larger storage estates more effectively.

Reduce configuration errors

by using pre-defined, tested, and approved storage services that minimise human decision making.

Reduce skill dependencies

by decoupling as much management of storage as possible from specialist array administrators and reducing the dependencies on specific individuals.


 Account for costs

by recording who is using what and why making it possible to accurately account, financially or otherwise, for storage costs and charge or budget accordingly.

Increase utilisation

by breaking down storage islands (silos) and unifying the disparate and dispersed storage estate into a single facility that can be drawn from according to the specific requirements of storage requests and the capabilities of the different storage systems.

 Avoid storage leakage

that occurs through overly conservative manual allocation practices or allocations drawn from knowledge of subsets of available storage resources.

Increase consistency

through the application of repeatable storage allocation templates and policies resulting in fewer configuration alternatives.

 Reveal dependencies

by recording who is using what, when and why, the need for for ad-hoc, and error prone, manual configuration recording and tacit knowledge is removed.

Providing Better Service

Whether providing storage to external customers or internal ones, the quality of service is important. Clearly there is the functional quality of service in terms of the performance and protection characteristics of storage but there is also the non-functional ‘customer’ service that is provided . Storage Broker makes significant improvements in  customer service by enabling storage as a service whilst also ensuring correct configuration and use of functional storage capabilities.

Empower user

by enabling them to make direct requests for new storage services or changes to existing storage services and see those requests actioned immediately and transparently – (Storage As A Service).

Increase agility

in provisioning and repurposing by using predefined, templated and policy driven process that perform changes in storage sub-systems at machine speed rather than the days or weeks it can take manually.

 Reduce errors

in storage configurations by repeating the use of pre-defined, and tested, storage configurations rather than ad-hoc, bespoke wheel re-invention, manual alteration of storage arrays and associated storage sub-systems like network and operating system.

Planning for the Future

There are numerous innovations in the pipeline for storage covering both the technical  and non-technical aspects, consider VSAN and Cloud Storage as just two examples. The challenge is how to make the most of these innovations at the right time, in the right circumstances all while managing the gradual phasing out of older storage technologies. Storage Broker provides storage as a service in a technology & location agnostic fashion thereby paving the way for a managed adoption of innovative storage solutions. 

Adopt new storage solutions easily

by focusing on end user storage services and using policies to draw from the new systems where appropriate in terms of service request qualities like protocol, performance and protection.

Use Storage Clouds as needed

either totally or partially, in combination with on-premise storage, as governed by policies.

Enable the Software Defined Datacenter

by placing a unified, and service driven, management application programming interface on your storage infrastructure allowing it to be managed as part of wider SDDC initiatives that, to date, tend to have been compute focused.


Provides vendor agnostic storage services that can be managed throughout their entire lifecycle by end-user, administrators or help-desks subject to role based access control.

Include replication, protection, archiving and storage network management, as well as storage consumer management, providing complete quality of service control.

Highly configurable policies make storage placement decisions between all available on-premise and off-premise locations according to explicit service request parameters and implicit context information enabling the most appropriate storage systems to be used.

Include existing ITIL management systems in the flow of change requests, configuration and events.


Configure storage systems, storage networking, and virtual, physical or mobile storage consumers all as part of the storage service requests.


 Control path only

Storage Broker is not in the data path and therefore can managed an unlimited scale of storage infrastructure. When storage allocations are made, any storage network changes are configured as part of the request processing, resulting in a standard data path from storage system to storage consumer – so you can be sure your data is handled with all the guarantees and performance of your existing infrastructure.


 Abstracts multi-vendor storage into a single fabric

that breaks down storage islands (silos) and focuses the management of storage services in a single place accessible via a portal or application programming interface.


 Multi Tenancy

is provided as standard enabling the now unified storage facility to have fences placed in certain areas to restrict access to certain assets for performance, ownership, accounting or regulatory reasons. Different domains of users can be granted access to different fenced areas of the storage facility as required.

 Multi protocol

The Storage Broker software appliance provides centralised management of block, file and object storage over existing storage infrastructure. Block can be managed through FC-SAN, FCoE or iSCSI and File through NFS or CIFS. Object has no widely used standards at present but we already handle Amazon S3, Open Stack Storage API & Google Cloud Storage and others are easily adopted.


 Storage services

such as a ’100 Terabytes of Production Storage’ for project Athena, are recorded, monitored, metered and re-configurable subject to security privileges through a single management portal or application programming interface. Here, ‘Production’ may have been configured specifically for Project Athena to be multi-path fibre channel to solid-state storage via dedicated ports complete with configuration of replication and protection subsystems.

 Application oriented storage services

are supported that raise the level of storage services above basic block, file and object to complete layouts of storage for specific applications, such as Oracle for example.


Transparent and interactive coordination of infrastructure changes

is provided through Storage Broker’s ability to provide a detailed pre execution plan of how it will service a storage request, as part of an approval decision for example. Suitably authorised users can choose to override decisions in the pre-execution plan in cases where an exceptional policy decision is required. During the execution of a storage request the progress against plan can be monitored and is recorded as part of a detailed audit trail.


 Easy installation

is made possible via a software appliance that is optimised for storage management. Not intimate with software appliances? Aixeon provide all of the assistance required to install and configure the appliance as part of the standard subscription price.



Storage Broker provides tangible return on investment through reduced administration effort, reduced service faults and improved storage utilisation.

Savings in excess of $2m are possible on a 500 terabyte storage estate and whilst not linear, savings in larger storage estates are even greater.

In order to maximise your return on investment, Storage Broker is licensed on a subscription basis and priced according to the size of your storage infrastructure.

There are no implementation, customisation or other professional service costs.

Your subscription includes everything necessary to get you up and running – and to keep you up and running and we expect to continue to earn your business through rapid evolution of Storage Broker to keep in line with your changing storage management needs.


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